Saturday, January 23, 2010

Shells From The Beach Walks

I was asked to post some pictures of my shells and choral samples so here they are. In this picture are my "miniatures" - perfect little examples of shells for which we have much larger versions as well. In this photo the white one in the top left is called a Baby's ear - it is a flat shell that looks like a little ear when you turn it over. Next to it is a Sharks Eye on the right and a Spiny Jewel Box on it's left and below it. Beside the Spiny is another Baby's ear that has some colour to it. Next to it is a Calico Scallop shell. Next to the quarter is a Lettered Olive on the left and on the right a Pear Whelk. At the bottom, left to right, a Lightning Whelk, a Calico Scallop and another Sharks Eye. All tiny! This grouping (in the next two photos) are larger: at the top is a rare Scotch Bonnet. Clockwise from the Scotch Bonnet is a Lettered Olive, a Sharks Eye, and a Florida Rock Shell.

These are samples of Choral that have drifted up on the beach. These are my largest pieces. Using the quarter for scale you can see they are fairly substantial. Usually the pieces of choral I find are small, single branch segments.


  1. Christina, What an awesome blog. I enjoyed your posts, but I'll need a bit more time to catch up with you. I'm amazed that you found these "perfect" shells on the same beach that I visit! I'm impressed. Can you give me some tips on shelling? Linda

  2. Linda, glad you liked the blog! Tips ... well nothing except that November and December are the best months for the shelling here at Perdido key. Also a couple of days after a storm is usually good too. We are so selective now about what we pick up. There was one day in December that we picked up 18 of the Lettered Olives on one walk...havn't seen many since!!