Friday, April 13, 2012

Denmark 2012

Landed in Denmark yesterday afternoon, and a host of old memories flooded in from the first time I came to Denmark with my parents many years ago as a teen, to my visits here with my brothers to bury our parents. I am staying at a little inN, the Gentofte Inn in Gentofte and from my room here I can see the church grounds where my parents are. The church is magnificent and historic.

I promised to post some pictures, even though I do not have the Airstream here it is with me in spirit! The spirit of adventure! Anyone who has driven around Danes knows that even the trip in the rental from the airport to the hotel was an adventure!

Breakfast at the hotel includes pickled herring! Okay I love pickled herring!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Good Stuff We Learned this Trip!

Reggie can sleep anywhere! I- 81 South through the mountains would be do-able in the 34 as well, we wondered about that! Seven Deadly Zins Zinfandel is as good as my favourite wine critic Robert Parker says it is!! JR's at exit 97 off I 95 South has an incredible cigar shop, where Richard can get his favs Monte Christo number 2 Torpedo's and some good outlet deals too, especially for towels and linens... Guy and Louise's tip about taking I 81 to I 66 to Hwy 17 (if my memory serves me right) to I 95 was a beautiful alternative to Baltimore and Washington via I 81 to 83 to 95...Thank-you Guy and Louise! Wish you were here this year... Book early for the site you want at Ocean Lakes because they can be very busy! It is possible to live, love and laugh in 197 square feet of space at least when it is an AIRSTREAM! I cannot get enough of Jimmy Buffett! At least here at the shore THAT IS TRUE! A small fridge is to be prudent abut what comes back from the grocery store!

Myrtle Beach -Spring 2012

This year Richard and I stayed in Ottawa for the fall and winter because he was doing some consulting work and it was much more practical to stay home rather than venture south! BUT, when it looked like there was a break in the weather and the work and we were missing the beach and sunshine enough we decided to hitch up the little airstream of the two and head due south on highway I 81!

We had some fun with the grandchildren before heading out on the road...and skype with them whenever we can while on the road! We were looking at about a month away and headed for Myrtle Beach because it was the closest warm spot we could think of and we love it there too!

We passed into South Carolina finally on March 15th!

The shot of the truck and airstream were taken at the welcome centre in North Carolina and you can see how green everything is!
The trees were blossoming!
The route through the mountains was quite familiar to us, the only change we made from the old days was staying on I 81 until we were well past Washington and Baltimore! :-)
Reggie has been enjoying the beach and while he misses Rudy's company, he is actually gaining some weight because he does not have to compete for his food! His skin is also much better now!
Our site is not our preferred one because we booked so late we are a few sites from the beachfront but we can see the shore as long as no one occupies a few of the sites to the North of us and it it so nice to sit in the airstream in the morning enjoying a cup of coffee and watching the sun shine on the Atlantic!
Glad we decided to come and we already booked a month here next March so that we can get the site we really want! Right by the beach!