Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Painting Party!

Hands, feet from Payton, Brooklyn and Madison!
Brooklyn's first masterpiece on canvas!

Payton's jumping horse masterpiece!
Payton and Brooklyn painting at Nana's on a rainy day. The paints and brushes are acrylic from Ikea! Very colourfull indeed!
The canvases are from the dollar store and what fun it was watching the creativity!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Payton Successfully Completes Grade 2!

This past week was Payton's first day off school for the summer and she and her sisters visitied here at the house! We painted fridge magnets, coloured in colouring books, played cards, picked raspberries in the backyard, played outside and she had her Aunt Louise draw her a horse on the canvas she is going to finish for her bedroom at Nana's!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Earthquakes in Ontario rare but not unexpected -

Earthquakes in Ontario rare but not unexpected -

We certainly felt it at our house and it was very loud. Scary!

Catching up with My Blog!

Updating the bedrooms for the staging of Fernwood has been fun and some work too. Richard laid the new floors and I scoured the countryside for treasures to put to good use! The little dresser here is one example of a $15 find that just needed a little TLC and Paint to be a perfect little storage place for the girls. Payton and Brooklyn did the little table mat for us when we first left for Florida and so it has a special place in their new little room.
I found the lamp at Home Sense for $29 and when it is lit you can see moons and stars through the lampshade. Very cute. The bed came from a friend of Lisa's and it has been painted the same "Heritage White" as the dresser. The little garbage pail is from the dollar store!

The rug was from Ikea and it was only $34 and it gives such a lovely little place to play on the floor. The basket is from my parent's home so it has a vintage feel and brings a little nostalgia to the room for Grandma (me)! The bedding was from Winners and Ikea and came together nicely with some fabric in Green that I already had to do the curtains.
The spare room and study was essentially the last room we needed to complete and it has come out very nicely too. The bedding is from Beddingtons and the curtains from Home Depot! Richard replaced all of the plugs and switches for nice new white ones and you can see that the floor, the paint job and the baseboards all look pretty good too.
Deanna and her boyfriend were in Ottawa for a visit from Guelph where they have each renovated their respective homes so they know what we have been up to these days. Louise and Lisa and the two little Youngs were able to visit for Monday morning breakfast. We will soon have Payton off school so we can see her too. Today is her last day! I have projects waiting for the girls to do some artwork for their room!

Brooklyn choosing a picture to colour at her table and chairs...currently by our fireplace.
This week Maddie learned to pull herself up in our playpen and she is so pleased every time she does it. She turned 7 months old a few days ago! and has 1 tooth.
Reggie and Brooklyn are the best of friends!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

June is Beautiful!

The amazing beach of Perdido Key Florida and Alabama before the Gulf Oil Disaster of 2010.

Derek, Payton and Madison at Brooklyns birthday party. Maddy at the park with Nana and Brooklyn this week. Brooklyn rode the whole way standing on the front of the stroller so Maddie could lie in it!

Brooklyn got a bee sting at the cottage with her Mom and Dad and sisters. It took a while to blow up to this level but she was a trooper even though she had one eye shut tight! She let me hold a cool cloth on it and we counted to twenty together. Funny thing was when I got to nineteen, she yelled out twenty after...what a smartie pants! :-)

At the park her Mommy used to play at Brooklyn feels right at home these days.

I have been busy working lately but it has been nice to get time with the girls in too. I can't wait til Payton is off school, I have some projects to do with her too!

I included a picture from the Gulf of Mexico so we all can remember the devastation the oil spill is causing there...the turtles would be returning to the ocean after laying their eggs when it first happened and now the babies would be hatching, I hope they have moved them!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Brooklyn Becomes a Toddler - She turns TWO!

Brooklyn examines her balloons, she very carefully ensures they don't get wrapped round each other!

Brooklyn and Payton enjoying a romp around Brooklyn's birthday present , a big girl bed!
After the singing there is nothing to do but go "oh my goodness!....TO ME!"

Brooklyn sits on her couch, an antique from her great, great, great, grandfather's home. I am wondering how many happy birthday girls sat there before her!

Madison and Grandpa have a special bond...he loves to hold her and she loves to be there! :-)

Payton giving Grandpa Richard a kind little look and a sweet smile....

Brooklyn had almost a week of celebration of her birthday from the actual day on June 2nd and a small family gathering at her house to the big party on Saturday! Everyone had a great time and Brooklyn finished the gifts with a brand new Big Girl Bed!