Tuesday, October 19, 2010

September...October...Time flies

Brooklyn and Payton enjoying thanksgiving dinner at Nana and Bompa's house. Payton was working on a concoction of ice cream and whipped cream which she claimed closely resembled yogurt in flavour and concistency!
Oops Lisa leaned back and I did not get her in the shot but everyone else is in view. Louise, Matt, Derek and Lionel as well as Richard and the girls at the other end of the table. I promised Derek that next time I would seat he and Lisa at the other end of the table so that they could get a break from the feeding of the children! :-)

Brooklyn helped her Mom prepare two pumpkins and Madison looked on at the goo and the mess.

Richard's fishing yielded a catch of 5 Rainbow Trout. They were so good!

Madison at Payton's birthday party.

Brooklyn at Payton's birthday party wearing Louise's earrings and trying to hold them there by sheer will power!

Payton with her Dad and Auntie Louise at her birthday party with family. She was 8 on the 20th.

Home Home in September. Green, green still!

Flower bed in front with little fall blooms.

This month and last month have just flown by. We have been busy getting the house ready for the winter, advancing our agenda of getting it ready for sale. We had thanksgiving, Payton's birthday celebrations and Richard was fishing with his friend Bob at a lake near Ompah, Ontario.
We are looking forward to the winter warmth of Florida and are preparing for the trek south once again.