Sunday, April 3, 2011

Back on the Road Again, Headed West and North from Myrtle Beach

Our trip home to Ottawa this year is from Myrtle Beach again. We head west on I 20 through Columbia, SC., Altanta, GA and then to I 75 to Chattanooga and then I 24 To Nashville. North of Nashville we stay at a KOA in Bowling Green just off highway 65. The sites have been good for us in the F or the S sections and we usually stay hooked onto the trailer. For us one day of travel is usually about 6 hours of driving time but both these ended up between 6 and 7 and seemed like really long days... This shot of the Airstream and truck is from the good side- since we had a Bus Coach mess up the passenger rear panel of the truck box while we were parked at a shopping centre...aaarrrggghhh. Oh well, we will get it fixed in Ottawa to be good as new! We were at a truck stop in Tennessee taking a break and refuelling before the final leg to Kentucky.
We were amazed at how much traffic there was on the roadways for a Saturday morning, Atlanta and Nashville were both busy and in Chattanooga near the "Y" in the road where 75 and 24 seperate, there was a period of very slow going.

I loved the shot of Brooklyn sharing her ice cream with Rudy as she sits in the Airstream. We really enjoyed seeing Derek and Lisa and the girls at the beach this year and hope we can meet them again on the road...maybe next time in Disney World!

This year I was up to Ottawa a bit more than I had planned to and the shot out the airplance window is of the Washington DC area and no snow!!! :-) I landed at National on an Air Canada flight and had to leave the security zone to catch my US Airways connection! Never again will I make that mistake...

We have a weather window but it means that we will stay put here in Bowling Green for three nights before we head North stop is the Airstream plant in Jackson Centre, Ohio.