Friday, May 6, 2011

April Showers Bring May Flowers

Wow, what a busy month April was in so many ways! We traveled back to Ottawa from the south over about 8 days and had a relatively uneventful time with the exception of some tornado threat time in Kentucky! The weather was cool and rainy here in Ottawa for the most part and the grass colour changed from dingy grey brown to bright green and lush! On the top of our agenda was getting Louise's Airstream out of storage for her and into its summer resting place so that she could enjoy it once again. It weathered the winter well except for a failure of the converter, a $250 part with Richard generously giving his time and doing the fix for her once the part comes in!

We started in on the renovation work again at Fernwood and the new Granite counter top is amazing and very beautiful! What a difference that made. The under mount sink and swan-like faucet are also new and never again will I go with anything but stainless for a sink...We (almost the royal we since Richard does do most of the work and I help when I can) are replacing the lighting and the baseboards and kick plates to finish off and refresh the entire look. My contribution will be the painting and getting the cupboards purged for the garage sale.

Of course I had visits from my three wonderful grandchildren, I cannot believe that Payton will be 9, Brooklyn 3 and Madison 2 before (or very soon after in Maddie's case) we head south again. Delightful ages and what a wonderful helper Payton is for Nana, when all three come together. :-)
After the kitchen we will start the basement( the final frontier). A carpenter is quoting the new banister this weekend. There are still some elements to complete outside like the back and front steps...The big question is always will we have it another year or get it up for sale this year as has been our plan for the last two? What do you think?