Sunday, December 11, 2011

June to December! Time Flies

Pictures Top to Bottom:
1) Lisa, Derek, Madison, Brooklyn and Payton at Louise and Gord's wedding in October.
2) Louise and Gord October 28, 2011
June brought grandaughter Brooklyn's third birthday;nephew Nathan's graduation from University; a trip to Niagara Falls Ontario with Brooklyn and Lisa(her mom) including a stay at a hotel overlooking the Falls and a trip to the Butterfly conservatory.
July, and August saw some camping with Airebella in our favourite St Lawrence park, fishing and boating; Richard's birthday, our anniversary(not the big one- that is in 2012 :-) ) and work around the home front.
September: Payton's 9th birthday! Amazing! and Derek's birthday as well as weddings galore! We travelled in the smaller airstream Thor, a 23 foot Safari SE 2008, and enjoyed the self discovery that is associated with living in 195.5 sq feet for 10 days! It was lovely! :-)
October ended with my daughter Louise and Gord's wedding. A very intimate, classy event in a beautiful setting!
November we celebrated Madison's second birthday and my many'th birthday and in December, as winter approached and Richard was consulting we just kept busy and warm in our comfortable home! This Christmas was a very special one for us in so many ways.