Saturday, October 31, 2009

Precious Pet Pictures

Biter is our sweet old girl tabby cat who is also 20 but still mouser sharp!

Just arrived at Jackson Centre and the Airstream Plant here in OHIO and Rudy and Reggie think they should wake up and do something...

And Ricky, who is 20 this year and maybe a little senile, has both feet firmly planted in the kleenex tissue box! Why ... one might ask?

Rainy Day in Columbus Ohio Area...

Today is day 3 on the road for us and what a great sleep I had last night. Before we left Ottawa we threw out the mattress that came with the Airstream new (and that we used one winter) and bought a wonderful new memory foam one! What a difference!!! Airstream should get rid of the crappy RV mattress please...
We just love having our home with us , it is so nice to be able to cook, bathe and relax in our own space while travelling...

We are still parked at the Flying J since we have Internet and I love to BLOG and SKYPE and TWEET... We could have had Internet at the Airstream Teraport where we are headed to later today but we didn't know we were going there and didnt get the username and password info from the desk...
Gas at the Flying J is posted with Diesel at $2.89 US GAL. One US Gallon contains 3.785 L so that is $0.76 US per litre that is $0.82 Canadian... (home its about 0.92)okay, can you tell I am a little bored because I never calculate this stuff!!! Ha ha!

The Honda generator keeps us real warm and keeps the lights on and keeps me surfing too when we are not rolling down the highway. It is great, super quiet, on wheels and we love it!

Ricky, one of our 20 year old cats, likes the warmth it provides and enjoys when we are parked and all together in the 34.

Reggie and Rudy just eat and sleep and sleep and sleep some more and go outside to do their thing.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Resting Now 30 Miles North of Columbus OHIO ....

We had to stop at the Pennsylvania Welcome Centre on the border with NY State because of the high south can see Lake Erie in the distance of this shot and it was rough water. Rich said it was because the Lake was warmer than the land and so the winds blow as the hot air rises off the Lake... We felt at the mercy of the weather and didn't know if we should press on or stay put. Lisa called us with the forecast for the area and it seemed like pushing forward was the best idea...

What can I say? Today was a crazy day, winds along the shores of Lake Erie that just about blew some of the rigs around like matchboxes...we were okay but it scared me to see the transports and the other RV's getting blown around. We felt it too believe me!
When we arrived at the North Columbus Flying J Richard tried to activate the electric tounge jack and it has failed. Richard is great at diagnosing problems and fixing them but it is getting power, it just doesnt work... so we need to head 40 miles due west to the Airstream Plant and hang out until they open on Monday...It shows you that you cannot predict what will happen! and it pays to build in some time for these unexpected delays...
Wait a minute ... it means we will spend Halloween in the Terraport in Jackson Centre... I wonder if we need to buy candy???

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Airebella the Airstream's Trek South - Day One

Crossing the international bridge to Highway 81. this year the new question was "Do you own property in the US?" Interesting!
The crossing was otherwise uneventful except that the border guards wanted to peek into the Airstream so he asked for our keys... well Richard said "which keys? the truck or the Airstream" and the guy said better give me both so you don't drive away while we are in it...can you imagine! Do we look like such rebels....yeah! :-)

Rudy and Reggie enjoyed the day in the cab with us... cuties...

I always love the mirror to mirror shot....

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Florida Beckons Again so it is Launch Day Tomorrow !!!

The dogs have been patiently waiting to leave the house and head south again! Rudy is enjoying the fire one last time.
We are looking at a similar trek as last year I 81 through New York to I 90 West to stop at Buffalo first night. Second day will be along I 90 below Lake Erie to I 71 South through Cleveland, Columbus (second night)and Cincinnati; picking up I 65 South in Louisville, (pronounced Lewville by the locals), Kentucky on to Nashville, Tennessee, (third night) Birmingham, Alabama (fourth night)and then Perdido Key, Florida.
This is a special year since I will be returning a week after we get to Florida for the pleasure of the birth of another grandchild. What treasures they are! I have so enjoyed my summer of caregiving with Payton and Brooklyn, getting to know the girls better has been wonderful. I will say that looking after two active, spontaneous, and energetic girls is not without it's challenges though for a "Granny Nanny"!
So one daughter , Lisa, will be busy with the new baby and family and my other daughter, Louise, in addition to being a proud Auntie, will be busy with her thriving Yoga and Horse business. Check out her blog at
On the eve of our trek, as we check our lists two or three times to be sure we havn't missed anything, we are thinking of good friends and family that we leave in the North and of good friends who await our rejoining them in the South. Love to you all....

Monday, October 26, 2009

Recent Pics from Home...

Last week the weather called us out for a stroll in the neighbourhood with the dogs. The trees have mainly turned with the exception of a few holdouts...This week however is a different story , it is looking like winter with lifeless trees and shrubs and wilted flowers...

Friday, October 23, 2009

Orange Beach Weather

The weather report for Orange Beach this week is looking good...

Monday, October 19, 2009

Derek and the Girls

Derek, Payton and Brooklyn were in a climbing mood this afternoon! This big pile of dirt is in front of one of the new home construction in their neighbourhood.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Louise with Mark hosting a Yoga Retreat


May 2010
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Monday, October 5, 2009

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Favourite September Sunday Drive (Sept 27 2009)

Richard and the container ship on the St Lawrence in the background...

School Master John Wilson 1760 - 1816

Richard, the dogs and I went for a Sunday drive this past weekend along the St Lawrence River on Highway 2 between Morrisburg and Prescott.

Near Prescott, Ontario (Across the river from Ogdensburg, New York) is a small church - the Blue Church on Blue Church road, situated on a hill overlooking the St. Lawrence River. The church is tiny and well looked after. We walked around the grave yard for a while to give my back a stretch break and saw the marker for School Master Wilson who was born in 1760 and who died very young at 56 years old! Apparently being a school teacher in rural Ontario was as stressful as it is today!

In the shot below is Fort Wellington. This Fort was built over a period from 1812 to 1814 as a key component in the defence of the British colony against the Americans and to secure the shipping routes from Kingston to Montreal along the St Lawrence River.

The rain and the increasingly cold weather made us just want to "chill out and relax for the day" and this drive is a favourite of ours. We love being by the water and enjoy the small towns between Morrisburg and Prescott.

The drive is a 35 km stretch of country highway that offers great views of the river and the neighbouring towns to the south of us in the USA. We walked the dogs at the park in Morrisburg and watched a container ship make it's way east from Lake Ontario up the River towards the Port of Montreal and perhaps headed across the Atlantic for Europe!