Wednesday, February 2, 2011

On the Road Again

Myrtle Beach View from Airebella's door!
Rudy is always exhausted after a relocation...

Perdido Key white sands...

Well, January was a beautiful month in Perdido Key. The weather transitions that the winter always brings there at the Gulf made for very interesting backdrops for some days! For us the month saw an influx of new RVs as folks that had spent their Christmas at home before heading out South made their trek. The motorbikes became more plentiful and almost all the sites were booked. Richard and I, knowing that our days were becoming numbered in our site 3, made several visits to Joe Patti's seafood to enjoy fresh fish, lobster and crab.

We also discovered the walking trails that lead to and from the Alabama State Park and enjoyed going there for long walks in the Alabama pine forests. All manner of pine can be found there. And the 9 banded armadillo also lives in those woods and on occasion one would come out and peer at us as it foraged in the pine needles.

I also made a trip to Ottawa that was to last one short week and ended up lasting almost two so that I could attend some planned meetings and start an unexpected contract as well. Thank goodness for the ability to skype with Richard several times a day for face to face chats. The highlight of travel home always includes family of course and we got some time in between my work to chat and get together!

We are now in Myrtle Beach, enjoying a beachside location and hearing the rain on the roof today is quite comforting. We traveled from Alabama, through the panhandle of Florida to the Atlantic on Interstate 10 and then north through the seaside swamps of Georgia to South Carolina with an over night near Tallahassee at the Flying J and one at a beautiful campground near Amelia Island and Jacksonville Florida. Now, with Airebella sitting right beside the majestic Atlantic, I can hear the waves crashing in as a storm passes through the area. The rain on the roof has stopped as I have been writing this message.

I have decided to update my journal on about the first of the month so as not to lose the Chronicles altogether!