Sunday, August 30, 2009

Lisa and Derek's New Home!

Move in day came and went this weekend and there was lots of work to do! Everyone pitched in to make shorter work of it.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

enjoying life....

Rudy adores Brooklyn (and Payton too)

Payton and Richard constructing with blocks while Brooklyn soldiers on...

Well this past week marked my one year anniversary of retirement from my government job and what a year it has been. As I reflect on it I am reminded that I finished my Graduate Certificate in Conflict Resolution just before retiring, and enjoyed greeting a new grandaughter at that time too (last June); we spent last summer in Kingston, the fall in Ottawa and the winter in Florida! We returned to embark on caregiving of my two grandaughters as my daughter went back to work to cover the time before we leave again for the sunshine...

We have decided to sell our home in Ottawa, perhaps in favour of some land and a new house construction, or restoring an older home out of town. Our plan is to find a place where we can have all our toys parked near us! Timing is everything and we are in no hurry since we love our home.

Last week we had lots of fun with Payton and Brooklyn...look at the photos! Next week is the big move for them into the big house and the last week of summer vacation for Payton.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Busy Busy Busy!!!

Time flies when you are having fun and keeping busy as has been our life of late. It has been a while since I posted anything since we have been busy with the grandchildren, the house renovations, the garage sale prep, the visits from Alabamians and life in general! In this post I am sharing some summer fun but also lamenting over the fact that the summer is flying by and we will soon be thinking of heading south again. We have not even put the boat in the water this year so I have posted some shots her of it from last year and if we get it out this week I shall return with new pics.

Here is a shot of Brooklyn learning to row at the cottage with her daddy looking on, one of Brooklyn with her Auntie Louise's Doll from 25 years ago and one of both Payton and Brooklyn with their Aunt Louise. It was a beautiful day in early August and we were happy to share the time together.

This week will mark one year of retirement for me and it seems the time just flies by too fast. I am enjoying this new lifestyle so much it is a wonder we didn't start sooner.