Sunday, June 6, 2010

Brooklyn Becomes a Toddler - She turns TWO!

Brooklyn examines her balloons, she very carefully ensures they don't get wrapped round each other!

Brooklyn and Payton enjoying a romp around Brooklyn's birthday present , a big girl bed!
After the singing there is nothing to do but go "oh my goodness!....TO ME!"

Brooklyn sits on her couch, an antique from her great, great, great, grandfather's home. I am wondering how many happy birthday girls sat there before her!

Madison and Grandpa have a special bond...he loves to hold her and she loves to be there! :-)

Payton giving Grandpa Richard a kind little look and a sweet smile....

Brooklyn had almost a week of celebration of her birthday from the actual day on June 2nd and a small family gathering at her house to the big party on Saturday! Everyone had a great time and Brooklyn finished the gifts with a brand new Big Girl Bed!

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