Friday, January 8, 2010

Florida is Cold ...STILL!

Hey there...I told you that I figured out the convection microwave and I managed to bake a banana bread that was rather good the other day. Check out the picture...:-)
We have been wishing we had packed more warm clothes this year since it has been hovering below zero Celsius in the overnight and around 5 or 6 C during the days. We did get up to 18 C (65F) yesterday during the day with sunshine and we all came out of our mobile houses to get some air. We did a thorough cleaning in the Airstream and actually did several loads of laundry. We soaked up the sunshine bracing ourselves for the sub zero Celsius weather overnight!

We heard that there was a bad car pile-up in Atlanta because of the snow and even though they were threatening snow for this area yesterday we only got rain. Hopefully this will break over the weekend..I will keep you posted. This is a great time for me to do some of the research I have to do for my projects and I am taking advantage of the desire to hibernate to do just that!

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  1. Gary and Jan here, your neighbors last November. Glad to see you are staying somewhat warm, better than up North for sure. Our plans are still to be there in Feb., definitely the weather should be better, will keep our fingers cross. Tell Richard to get ready to show a rookie how to fish.