Saturday, January 9, 2010

Mist off the Gulf of Mexico...

This morning Richard ventured out in the weather in 22F (- 5.5 C) to see how the beach was and he saw "steam" coming off the water. The water is warmer than the air! He also saw fish jumping out of the water and birds feeding on them...Neat!

Arizona is looking better and better!!! :-)


  1. Hi
    Christina and Richard and Happy 2010!!
    I was just surfing through oald emails and came across yours. It sounds like you are having a great time. Life continues here in Ottawa and I am packing for my month in Cancun. I am now working in CFOB for Alfred as DG Materiel Mgt. It is a transition position until I finally follow your foot steps into retirement. I will be venturing into the new phase of life at end September. I would love to have coffee with you sometime when you are back in Ottawa.
    Take care. Joan

  2. Hi Joan,
    Sounds like your time is coming for the life of "leisure". Coffee would be great! Say hi to Leonard for me ....hope he (and you too) is enjoying the Airstream!