Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Perdido Key Weather...

They say "wait two hours and it will change.." and it is true! We started the day with our usual 5K walk on the beach and it was quite nice, warm and 70 F (20 C or so). Now it is raining again and we are using the time to catch up on the inside chores of retiree.s..wash vegetables and fruit; check e-mail; blog a little; read and relax. I do have some work to do, putting together a proposal, but the inspiration must also be there for that kind of activity. Maybe later! :-)

We had a nice visit this morning with Bob and Jo who are from California. They have two adorable pugs and run a business with their family, centered on Volkswagons. Check out for details... They are off further south in Florida tomorrow to Riverside RV Resort and Campground in Arcadia ( ) near Sarasota.

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