Saturday, January 23, 2010

Beach Walks - 5 KM Most Days....

On our walk yesterday in the absolutely beautiful sunshine and 72 F (22 C), we passed the old Beach house again. This one has lots of character and seems to have weathered many storms. It looks very humble from the outside but it is about 4000 square feet of living space and the land it is on is very costly. Inside, I imagine it to be decorated like pages out of the Coastal Living magazine in cool blue and green shades, punctuated by white wicker and sandstone tiles. Ahhh beach living at it's best!
The waves were high and the first signs of the blue green waters we had last year are appearing here as the Gulf gets warmer. The sun glinted off the water giving us a moving backdrop of silver studded waves to chat by as we walked along the beach.

The condos are beginning to open up with more and more visitors coming south from colder northern climes both in Canada and the US. We met a couple enjoying the beach who were from Minnesota and reflected on the beauty of this, as yet, undiscovered winter location. We mused about how lucky we were to have this natural beauty all to ourselves; at least for a while....

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