Thursday, January 21, 2010

How Many Skype Conversations Did You Have Today?

Skype is wonderful! I spoke with two of my brothers today, one computer to computer, and one computer to land line. It was really great to connect. The brother without the computer complains that I sound like I am in a barrel but he could hear me and I him so all was well! My airstreaming friends from Arizona, Dean and Sheri, also called me this morning to talk about Quartzsite and what they are up to there. It was great to see them both and the video call was absolutely free! Our friend Suzy just instant messaged me from Skype to say that she would be back in the park tomorrow after her trip to Fort Myers, Florida for a week. Connecting with friends and family via Skype is a gift! Sign up won't be sorry.
The picture is one of my two granddaughters skyping and colouring with Grandpa who was in Florida while they were with Grandma in Ottawa!

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