Saturday, January 16, 2010

Rainy Day in Perdido Key

Today the truck is getting a great bath with the heavy rain outside! We have had a few beautiful days of sunshine and warmth. It went up to 70 F yesterday ( that is 21 C) and we walked on the beach in the morning for about 4 km. The beach was deserted! Once the spring breaks start at the colleges and universities in Feb and March the beach will experience a metamorphosis. There will be beach chairs set up, people playing volleyball and swimming and lots of beachcombers.
Oh, last evening a 25 foot Class C motorhome pulled in with a young family on board. First one child was spotted, then two...wait a minute there are two more, and, what on earth, another three !!! For a total of seven children with their two parents. The story, on the road for a year, home schooling the kids...Can you imagine what that would be like on a rainy day. There were three under 3 among them...Wow...

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