Sunday, November 8, 2009

Jim Paar's Amazing Photo of The Beach Near Perdido Key (From Hurricane Ike...not IDA)

The double flags indicate hurricane and rip currents....This is expected to be the view on the beach later today as IDA approaches the coast of Alabama and Florida.
Our good friends Jim and Jody Paar are staying at the place where the hurricane will make landfall.
Our campsite at Perdido Key is also at the point of landfall....Update... Jim tells me this is a shot from Ike but he will be updating local current photos for me today...sorry!
Note that we are moved north and boondocking near Montgomery Alabama at a Flying from the storm surge..


  1. Good that you moved more north.

  2. Jan and Gary here, just got home around 11:30. Looks like you guys are secure, stay that way. Just hope our friends at Pedido Beach get out also for a couple of days. looks like they are in the bulls eye area right now. Thanks for you friendship, hope to see you soon.

  3. Not sure who the first comment was from byt you are right!

    Jan and Gary, It was great meeting you both...hope to see you back on the Gulf again soon!

  4. and you are staying there why?

  5. Rob, I have upodated the blog to indicate that we are safe where we moved to North about 160 miles...