Sunday, November 1, 2009

It's November 1st !!! OMGoodness

It is a beautiful sunny day here at the Terraport in Jackson Centre Ohio at the Airstream Factory. You can see we are fully hooked up with electric, water and sewer. At the Terraport there are three lots where about six Airstreams can back in in a loose star configuration. At the centre of the star are the hook-ups and power stations...very clever really.

The morning was so nice that we took Rudy and Reggie out for a long walk around the Service Centre which is huge with more than 35 large bays to service Airstreams. The service centre is quite separate from the factory.
You can see in the shots that the trees have lost their leaves but the grass is still green. Richard was thrilled to see a Robin this morning!
The shot of the truck out the window was taken early this morning...given that we changed to Daylight Saving time.
When we were walking I got some great shots of the five vintage Airstreams on display in front of the Service office. I will put them in a blog post tomorrow after I get some of the history from the front desk to include with them.

This is the shot out our window ...look at how erie the trees look without their leaves...and you can see the airstream reflected in the truck!
Today we are hanging out here and we have the furnace at the ready if it gets cold in here...we found the crayons and colouring books, and the kites I had for Payton in the Airstream so if we get desperate we may colour and fly a :-) ...can't see it happening, but who knows...
We cooked a nice breakfast this morning and the coffee always tastes better in the Airstream mugs...:-)

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