Monday, November 9, 2009

Boondocking at the Flying J!

I always thought that going to a truck stop required spitting and swearing, and a respectable layer of motor grease under the fingernails so when Richard said " we can always stop at Flying J's if we are in a hurry to get away from the cold and boondock" I thought " I don't think so!" But look at me now ! A convert! I love Flying J's and can't say good enough things about them so let me give you a glimpse! You can see that there are separate areas for the big rigs and for the RV's to park. Usually that is respected but I have wakened one morning to find a military tractor trailer carrying two huge armoured troop carriers parked so close that we could just open the door to get out. The thing is these drivers do know how to park!

The flying J's mostly have restaurants, gift shops, and convenience stores aimed at the traveller and trucker alike.
They are clean and neat, well kept and there always seems to be enough room to get a rig turned around. Remember we are as long as a transport, stem to stern, so this is essential for us.

There is an island just for RV's to gas up, dump, or take on water and you can also get propane fillups there.

You can see that there is an RV parked in amongst the trucks so if you want to park there or if the RV spaces are filled you can go there and no one bothers you.
There are green places to walk the dogs and everyone appreciates if you clean up after them which we always do.

There is even a spot for Handicap RV rigs at some Flying J's.

Fuel prices are comparable...

The grounds are well maintained...and the stops are close to the Interstates.
Boondocking means we have no hookups of any kind and work on our own batteries, propane appliances etc. Flying J's also have Internet access available for $5 for 24 hour period so I can keep on blogging and surfing and tweeting!

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