Sunday, November 1, 2009

"Home is Where you Park It." Airebella our Home Away From Home

As we enjoy the tranquility of this rural Ohio setting we realize how lucky we are to have a home on wheels. Wally Byam, the Airstream founder and 1930's visionary, had the dream of people going where they want to, when they want to more than 77 years ago now. Airstream history includes not only the company that built the Aluminum travel pods, but also the community that enjoys them. The sense of community is strong and I can attest to the fact that it's emerging from the era of land based phone lines and snail mail to today's social networking world. When I "tweeted" in Twitter from the Flying J (North Columbus) about our little jack problem I had loads of instantaneous support from other Airstreamers, even had a TwitPic sent to us of the fuse location on another Airstream. Okay, that was really great! My daughter and son-in-law were getting a chuckle out of my emergence into Twitter and now who's laughing!!! LOL!

The picture above is the display of 5 vintage Airstreams in front of the Airstream Offices (more details at a later post) and the one below is a shot of our neighbours here at the terraport. Contrast the older models with the newer ones and you get the sense of community that a collection of Airstreams exudes, of the lasting nature of the Airstream, and the timelessness of the design itself.

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