Friday, November 6, 2009

Beach Treasures ...

Along the beach the shells are very tiny this year but plentiful. We are expecting some rough weather next week from Hurricane Ida so that should wash a bit more up on shore for Richard to find while I am away. I did find two nice pieces of choral (no picture) and they are hard to find because they do blend in so well with the sand...

This shell was not perfect and, as you can see from my sandals, it was very small. Last year we fund examples of this shell 5 times this size.

What we did see this morning was a beautiful stingray swimming in the tidal pool just off the shore.
You can see it under the water above in the first photo in this post and in the next photo we got it with the tip of it's fin out of the water. Today would be a great day for snorkeling because the water is warm!
The gulls were enjoying a brief respite on the sand bar near where we saw the Ray...

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  1. Glad to hear you enjoyed the trip and arrived safely. we had the first snow fall yesterday in ottawa south but it melted on the ground. enjoy the next few days there and see you when you get back again soon mom.
    love, Louise