Friday, November 6, 2009


The day here is absolutely beautiful! It is 70F ( 21C ) and there is a slight breeze blowing off the sea. We took a long walk by the beach today and really enjoyed the warmth of the water and the fresh sea air. The sea oats on the dunes seem a little stronger and longer than last year...maybe they had a better summer!
I love to get my feet in the water and usually come up from the beach soaked to the waist but today I was a little more careful ... it was Richard who waded out into the water.
There is a steep fine to bring dogs on the beach so we are walking Rudy and Reggie around the Yacht club portion of this beautiful little park and they are content.

Later today I will be posting about the Sting Ray we saw in the water and that Rich got great shots of and also a little about the sea shells...We are off the get some fresh fish in Pensacola at Jo Patty's Seafood...

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