Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Lille Jule Aften - Little Christmas Eve Dec 23rd

Today we drove North on Highway 59 and through some typical Alabama countryside. Trees and brush!

Along the way was a very beautifully decorated quaint country inn.

Today was 63 F and partly cloudy and very windy. The ocean was very wavy and there were two flags flying; the yellow caution flag and a dangerous marine wildlife flag (I am thinking "sharks!"). I didn't go in the water today!!!

I talked about seeing the Piggly Wiggly in one of my earlier posts and captured it today in digital format!

We drove up to the Outlet again today and Richard got ooodles of Hilfiger golf shirts - great prices and an online coupon brought the mark downs to 75 percent off !!! Unbelievable deals. We also went beyond there to the Camping world and saw big,big "you drive" motorhomes that were beautiful and much less expensive than our Airstream. The quality of the Airstream was clearly better though and we are very happy in it.

We have seen quite a few "don't feed the Aligator signs " but no aligators - Richard thinks they are hibernating! Hope so!! There have been flat fish and a ray down at the Marina side of the RV park and Pelicans fish there every day. We are missing you all and Richard and I both send our best wishes to you all for a happy , healthy and safe holiday season.

Tomorrow is devoted to fishing!

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