Saturday, December 27, 2008

Sunrise Out the Bedroom Window Got us Running ...

This morning was so beautiful that Richard and I had to get up early, "hitch" up the dogs and run with our cameras down to the beach - we were like children - so excited, we didn't want to miss it for anything and it was absolutely lovely...

We couldn't imagine anything more beautiful than the rising sun, the sound of the surf crashing on the shore and the cotton-light clouds that we knew would disappear by mid morning. For amateur photographers, the scenery here in the area is spectacular; not just the Gulf and it's bountiful beauty, but the marinas and yacht clubs, the wildlife and birds and the local personae...

I have to pinch myself now and again to realize this is late December and that I am no longer running in the rat race! Every new experience is gripping, every new encounter is interesting and there is no pressure to be here or there on some schedule, or to do this or that by a certain time. It is wonderful!

Let me describe the Airstream 34, how it functions and feels for us to be living in it... It is about 8 feet wide and 35 feet long and has eight large windows that open , awning style, allowing the breezes to float through the interior, even on a rainy day. There are two skylights that add to the bright and airy feel of the interior and three ceiling fans (two Fantastic Fans). Everything in the Airstream came through the one door, so replacing interior components will not be hard, once they wear out. There are 5 canvas awnings around the exterior, covering windows and the door side and one fixed awning over the panorama window of the front. They give the whole environment the feel of a french cafe - and the coffee here is always good!

Inside the Airstream the fixtures are oil rubbed bronze and the cabinets and their bases are real wood, hickory! No laminates for this domain - the Airstream is built to last. The interior has a yacht-like feel. The galley is well equipped but I am just learning to use the convection aspect of a convection microwave...there is a doorbell ! The two small steps out the door are easy for the dogs (and their owners) to manage. It is cozy inside - we have an entertainment centre that includes music, DVD and TV (two of them - rarely used) integrated into the interior with speakers hidden where you least expect it. There is a full bathroom where I can wash off the sea salt at the end of the day.

Tomorrow is another day and we can't wait for it....


  1. Hi sound and looks like you two are enjoying your new life style.
    Thank you for sharing some of it.

    Happy New Year to you and Richard


  2. Hi Christina,

    You are making it difficult for those of us who still have ten years to go before retirement!!! I am happy that you are enjoying your retirement.....and I am wishing you all the best in the new year! (How is your granddaughter?)


  3. I will have to post a photo of my grandaughters today! All is well and we are enjoying ourselves. I am flying back to Ottawa in Feb for some meetings and to give th children and grandchildren big hugs!