Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Years Eve - Ringing in 2009

Jim and Jody in the spirit of 2009!

Today was a busy day - preparing for the New Years eve gathering at the park. The park is almost full tonight. It is quite an exclusive place where there are only about 30 sites. Many of them are on flat concrete slabs because they will best weather hurricanes and are the most effective for the big motor homes. There are Palm trees and Magnolias planted around the park and the grounds by the Marina are quite nice. I posted photos of the new site we have and it is great - room for two vehicles and the boat as well as the airstream next year. We are planning on making this our home base again next year but will do some travelling out from here - we are thinking .... some long trips and some not so long!

Today we were so excited because another Airstream (28 foot Safari) arrived!!! We met the owners from Texas: a retired exec from FED EX and her husband - not sure yet what he does since she and I were chatting non stop about what we do on the Internet etc etc...We will hear more tonight I am sure. Lots of interesting people on the road - we approve of their choice of trailer (:-) !!!


Mike (TN) and Steve (FL)

Charlie (the dog), Jane and Jim

Charlie, Jane, and her husband, Carl

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