Sunday, December 21, 2008

Bellingrath Gardins, near Mobile Alabama

Mr. Bellingrath earned the family fortune by being the first coca cola distributor/bottling company in the state of Alabama. The home was built in 1935,on the Fowl River,with many acres of land,all landscaped into beautiful gardens. Suzy(my neighbour and I) toured the home, that was decorated for Christmas, and the gardens . The home itself, was an interesting experience with many porches and views of the river and comprised of 15 large rooms.Very elegant and replete with Southern charm.
We were very impressed with the magnificent gardens and the Christmas light displays that appeared around every turn and hup every slope. Everything that I describe here, was in led lights, of every color in the rainbow. There were candy canes, gingerbread men, toy trains, toy soldiers, drums, blocks, and Christmas packages, wrapped with red bows. Another section depicted the sea, blue wavy lights were overhead, and there were jellyfish, squid, fish, starfish, and more. As we walked along the garden path, every turn in the path, had a new view.
There was also a lake complete with 4 alligators,in lights. We saw a church, the nativity scene, and Christmas carolers. We also saw a dragon, Chinese lanterns, and fireworks. The next turn was a wonderful walk past tulips, poinsettias, roses, daffodils etc etc. Hopefully, you are getting the idea that this was an adventure VERY worthwhile and fun. I have to add, that it was also a fun day for me to spend time with Suzy, and we talked and laughed on our journey to and fro, while Richard stayed behind to go fishing!

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