Thursday, March 19, 2009

Spring Break 2009...Condo's are Filling Up!

My earlier winter shots of the beach here at Perdido Key are nothing like this as you may recall. This week is spring break 2009 and there are the young, the younger and the usual suspects (snowbirds) frolicking on the beach. Where once there were pristine, untouched sands that seemed to reach forever into the distance there are now kites flying, beach umbrellas blowing in the wind, sunbathers of all shapes and sizes and many , many more people trying to fish... The condo's are being rented these days!

We have water sports now and the only blessing is that the roar of the sea overpowers the sound of the engine so it is like watching a "silent" dance of the mechanical water nymphs unfold, disturbing the view of the majestic sea itself. The Harleys rumble along the coastal highway, sometimes turning into our campground, chugging along the lane beckonning the uninitiated to the "easy rider" life!

The children have been playing hard in the sea, running with their body boards under the watchful eye of mom or dad nearby. It feels like summer but it is March - not even spring yet, and certainly still winter where we are from!

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