Friday, March 13, 2009

Beach Update!

The Beach has been very clear blue/green these past very sunny days. If you recall all of the amazing shells we were able to gather with Kirsten when she was here in January and, by ourselves before that in November and December, well now there are not so many at all! Those shells that are on the beach now are usually small and broken and only the occasional scallop shell , like the one Richard is holding in the photo, seems to manage to stay whole. I was so amazed the other day when I found a whole, quarter-sized sand dollar lying in the sand at my feet. It is very beautiful.

Rudy and Reggie are enjoying themselves as we clean the inside of the RV the pet bed makes it out to the patio and they take full advantage to sun themselves in comfort! We have been here so long that the other "long timers" call out to Rudy and Reggie from afar whenever they are out!

We are starting to plan the trip back to Ottawa from our winter home-away-from-home and are looking forward to hitting the road again. On the tentative agenda right now are a Luxury Casino RV Park in Mississippi or Alabama (both states have them), Nashville's KOA right in the heart of Grand Ole Opry country (in the city!)and with a Big Bass Pro shop near by for Richard, Kentucky's rolling hills and the Airstream Factory near Lima, Ohio for some warranty work and a plant tour! Here is hoping that the weather up North gets better soon!

Oh and just in case you didn't know - it is a dogs life at Playa Del Rio. Millie (in the bag) is getting a lift to the beach in Scott's golfcart with her "person" Nancy!

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