Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Headed North!

Yesterday morning Nancy, David and little Millie left Playa Del Rio at 09:00 hrs to begin their journey North as well. We managed to get on the road at 10:15 am and we met them at the Birmingham South Campground that becomes the first of our many stops on the homeward trek. Nancy and David are headed North East and we are, of course, headed for Bowling Green Kentucky, then Lima, Ohio and Airstream HQ and then finding our way to the I 90 and I 81 to get to Canada again!It was sad leaving Playa Del Rio and the many new friends we had met there. We will miss everyone! But home beckons and we have been missing friends and family there so all is well. This is the I 65 as we first got on it yesterday morning. Our first day saw us travel 270 miles, mostly on the Interstate. We are in a nice little campground, nestled in the hills, with great shopping just one exit back!!!

We decided not to crate up Biter and Ricky, our geriatric cat companions (they are 19!) and I worried that they might not fare so well roaming the Airstream while we were driving ... When we opened the door at our lunch break to check on them they were cuddled up together in the bench, where you can see Biter, and looked up as if to say " Excuse me , why are we stopping?" I really wanted to get the shot of them together in the bench but didn't get my camera out before Ricky had jumped up on the table to say "what is for lunch?" All this to say that the two cats are real travellers and have adapted very well to life on the road!
As we drove today we saw Armadillos, and a fox; and an Airstream 30 for sale by the roadside. Airstreams are rare on the roads so we keep an eye out for them. There is a 28 foot Safari camped here in Birmingham.

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