Saturday, March 28, 2009

Playa Del Rio after the Rain, Rain Rain!

Richard decided to enjoy a rest by the Marina this morning after three days of rain and tornado warnings for the area. It is almost high tide and you can see that where the chairs were once nicely situated on a boardwalk (see earlier posts) where visitors could stop and enjoy the view, they are now part of the view!

The water is up over the dock and extends into the fire pit area....

I always wondered why the chairs were chained to the deck and thought it was odd since nothing else is chained down so theft didn't seem likely... well now I know...

It is sunny and lovely again and the waters will recede again so that Playa del Rio will regain its beauty and charm very soon I am sure... A few visitors left this morning and more joined us over the past several days. Since we have been weathering a run of much needed rain we have not been out roaming except to walk the dogs. And now we are packing up to leave and will miss everyone and this place very much...until we return in the Fall!

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