Tuesday, January 6, 2009

What's new in Perdido Key?


This is a favorite photo that Lisa sent me of the two girls. They are so adorable and I am sure that when they are in their twenties they will love this photo too. All is well here at Perdido Key. We are expecting my Aunt Kirsten from Denmark next week for two weeks.

LISA (my Daughter) and KIRSTEN (My Aunt)

We will pick her up at the airport in New Orleans and stay at the Airport Hilton overnight because her plane is arriving late and she will have been travelling for 20 hours (poor her!). She will enjoy the sun I am sure! She told me this morning that it has been cold and she has been scraping her car off twice a day!!!

Richard and Christina - Week 2 - Nov 30th 2008

I notice that we were a little pale when we first arrived here and now we are very tanned from the beach and fishing...

Yesterday Louise and Mark were on the shopping channel selling Mark's Yoga videos. I watched it, on the internet, two of the airings - it was live three times during the day. They did very well, looked great and enjoyed the experience I am sure! Louise is an ambassador for Lululemon Athletica this year...

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