Friday, January 2, 2009

Cool - Our Airstream at Night

The Park, the Marina and the Beach at night are all very lovely!

The Airstream at our new site is also very pretty at night. There are rope lights around our mat and I found a pink flamingo that fits the ambiance perfectly. The little lights in the tree are airstream lights that I got from Grant at RV Canada in Ottawa. He always jokes with me that I keep buying his stock of lights! (which I do!)

The lights add a little to the magic of having shorts and sandals on in January... Thinking about last January and how cold and snowy it was in Ottawa, I am grateful to have the opportunity to be in this warmer environment. I wish you could all be here with us to experience it...


  1. The new site looks much nicer! Payton had the Airstream lights up in her Bedroom for the holidays too.


  2. It is a nicer site and we have it booked next year too! Does Payton like the lights?