Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I Can't Believe it is January

This is just very strange to be in sandals and shorts on January 7th. It is a cooler (63 F) here today and not a cloud in the sky!! The wind is coming from the North and is pushing the surf on the beach. The waves are high today 6 to 8 feet off the coast and the surf is really pounding. We went for a long walk this morning early to see if any new and pretty shells had washed up but alas, there was nothing obvious~! We saw quite a collection of portuguese men o war washed up and a catfish got caught in the angry surf and was washed ashore to the seagull's delight.

These two photos are the "prize" shells we have found on the beach over the weeks we have been here. Richard has glazed them so they will not oxidize and will retain their pretty colours. That is the one observation that I have about Florida - there are such beautiful colours here, in nature, all around us.

Yesterday we had lunch at a restaurant called the Shrimp Basket and I had my first taste of Gumbo...My friend Suzy says she hasn't had a good cup of Gumbo since she got here but this one tasted pretty good - quite spicy! Since I do not have a pre-conceived notion of what it should taste like I am wondering if it was in fact "good Gumbo". Funny to have the time now to consider such things!!! :-) We are just planning the rest of the week before I head to New Orleans next week to pick up Aunt Kirsten.

One thing that I wanted to share are the many attractions in the area. I will try to think of a few every time I am are a few:

Adventure Island - a family fun place with Lazer Tag, Bumper Boats, Paddle Boats, an Arcade, Go Carts, Kiddie Rides Adventure (mini) Golf, a "volcano" and much more.

Craft Farms "36 Holes of Pure Palmer Golf " comprised of two golf courses "Cotton Creek" and Cypress Bend"

Pirates Island Adventure Golf - an adventurous mini-golf extravaganza complete with shipwrecks, ancient graveyards, cascading waterfalls and sea fog!

Alabama Dolphin Cruises - Dolphins guaranteed - seeking out the bottlenosed dolphin the cruise takes in the views of million dollar homes on the gulf.

Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo - Animal Planet called it "the little zoo that could".the zoo is home to more than 290 animals , lions, tigers, monkeys, and macaws are among them. There is a petting zoo and a reptile house as well as daily animal shows in the summer.

More to come in the future...

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