Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Life in the RV Lane ... part 1...

This is our third year at this site! Site Number 3 at Playa Del Rio on Perdido Key. (this shot was from year 2)

This morning is gorgeous here on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico on the Florida panhandle as it joins 1/2 mile away with the Beaches of Alabama! I am compelled to share a few insights about life in an RV parked for a time away from home.

One meets so many people on the road. Some stay with us, as lasting friendships are formed. Some one hopes to never encounter again (thankfully these are few and far between!). Some have an eccentricity that one cannot help but notice. Some expect more from the campground that one would reasonably do. Campgrounds are a community and as such, folks need to get along and there is an essential balance to be struck between the community and the service provider that is predicated on trust and fairness.

Campsites come with services that are more or less the same wherever you go; Internet access, Cable TV (which I could easily do without except for HGTV! :-) ), water, sewer, power, and land mass. One can survive for some time without any of these, except for the land mass; it is of course, essential to have a place to park. For Richard and I getting adequate space to park is our first priority to get the truck and Airstream out of harms way. We have a generator so wherever we are we can power up the trailer, But if we are parked for a long time it is very nice to have sewer, water and power so we do not have to move the rig to address those issues.

We have been having some issues with Internet here at our campground that could be remedied for the higher paying sites with a third router up at this end of the campground. Internet is VERY important to us, I have a need to skype with my grandchildren and right now I have to walk down to the clubhouse to get a good signal! That is just not acceptable for me. Also, since I am working on my business as well, consulting is difficult without solid and continuous access. So we are going to get a solution that can travel with us while we are here in the US to de-couple us from our dependence on the adequacy (or inadequacy) of the parks internet services. Having said that I am ready to hit the showers and get ready to visit Verizon and AT&T today ... unless my state of relaxation compels me to unwind and enjoy the sunshine for another day!

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