Saturday, December 18, 2010

Ottawa was Cold, Snowy and Windy!

Madison happy to see me home for a week...

Payton and Brooklyn came for a sleepover together...if was fun.

Rudy held down the fort at the Airstream with Richard and Reggie.

Because I came home for a visit before Christmas it was essential to get a little tree....It was little but charming and Brooklyn and I both loved it.

The weather was snowy, blowy, freezing rainy and cold the whole time so we spent lots of time indoors keeping warm. I was able to get the contract in place for the next work I am involved in so that was very good. Next time home will be for a while longer.

Returning to Pensacola was very nice, the temps have been around 60 to 65 during the warmest part of the day. About four weeks ago we ordered a new la-z-boy for the Airstream and it arrived early. Very nice addition to the interior!
There is a Christmas party tonight at the Park complete with a Santa exchange and lots of good food and company. I may not be able to go because of my cold but we will see how the day evolves...

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