Monday, March 1, 2010

Ottawa Visit Feb 2010

Derek and Brooklyn after bath time...
Louise and Madison ...

Payton reading!

Brooklyn skying with Grandpa!


Baby Madison is three months old!

Brooklyn is 20 months old and a going concern...very sociable and chatty!

I waited every morning for the bus with Payton and one morning the snow was packy so we built a snowman and adorned it with my scarf!

Lisa and Madison and I got to have a quiet dinner alone at the red lobster. Madison slept the whole time!

The view of the Golf course from Lisa's back window.

I just returned from a wonderful visit with my children and grandchildren in Ottawa. The week was full of wonderful chats, visits with family, good times with the wee ones directly. It all made me smile but tired me out! I came back to Perdido Key last night with great memories, loads of pictures and a cold from a little too much sharing! LOL ... I guess you get the bad with the good sometimes so I do not mind it at all.

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