Sunday, March 14, 2010

Every Trip Yields New Knowledge...

Well this trip back to the old stomping grounds of my Parents is too much fun. Too bad I am feeling a little under the weather, but every day I get stronger and the sea air and rest are doing me loads of good! The weather has been just wonderful, we have slept with the bedroom windows open at night. We were laughing because last year we had to trade our down comforter for a lighter cotton one about mid Feb time frame but this year we are still enjoying the heavier covers at night.

So what have I learned this trip? Well I have learned that Richard can cut my hair and he does a great job of it. When you don't feel much like going out but you still need to feel neat and tidy you just make do. It took some convincing and assurances that no matter what happened I would not be upset! LOL. He did a super job and I am loving my new cut!

I also have observed here at this campground that if you take a site close to the playground then you will have lots of children nearby having fun. We are far from the playground but it is an observation I am filing away for the future! :-) Also sometimes a site a little farther away from the beach will actually give you a better view. You need to think about that because there are trade-offs.

The shower facilities are quite a bit of a hike away so we have been showering in the Airstream and this morning I was almost cooked like a lobster because the setting on the shower handle was a little loose and mostly hot hot water came out. I learned that RV water heater tanks do not have a temperature dial like our home hot water heater does so all the adjustment is in the faucet handle. So once you read the directions, unscrew it, and make the necessary adjustments safe showering is the end result. Our faucets and fixtures are all oil rubbed bronze and when Richard had this one apart he brought just one of the pieces out to me to feel how heavy it was...whoa, no wonder the Airstream is heavy! It is fixed now and Richard has just tested it with his shower.

One of the neat things I saw here at this campground is that some of the RV's appear on the hitch of an Ocean Lakes Campground truck and are placed on the site waiting for the owners to arrive from So you can keep your RV here in storage and they will drive or pull it out and place it on the site right by the Ocean. You don't have to have a truck to haul it, you don't pay property tax for your cottage, and you can be guaranteed a great spot for vacation fun; beach, golf, attractions etc.

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