Sunday, March 7, 2010

Atlanta is Behind Us!

Well, we left Playa Del Rio on March 3rd , heading for home a little early, with me very sick with Bronchitis and weak! It was a gorgeous day at the beach and a great day for travelling but we were sure going to miss the beach and the people for another year. Once we arrived in Birmingham, our usual first stop on the road North, I was too sick to go further and basically needed to rest in bed for a few days.
Birmingham South looked a little bleak this early in the season but the sun shone for three days and I steadily got stronger. The urgency to get home also dissipated while I recuperated and we decided to head out to the East Coast for a more leisurely coastal route home. We are also hitting Myrtle Beach, a favourite snowbird site for my parents when they were our age. Retracing their steps will be fun. I was thinking today that it is 42 years ago that I first went to MB with my parents for a March Break holiday. Wow time flies.

As we entered Georgia the Airstream rolled along effortlessly slicing through the air. We passed Atlanta on I-20 right through city centre! Glad it was Sunday and not Monday traffic!

Parked at the Flying J for the night we start up the generator to power up Airebella for the night's rest.

Sure hope the generator is there in the morning... :-)

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