Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Weekend on Perdido Key!

Many Mardi Gras celebrations have started here in the South including the Flotilla that passed by the marina here at our RV resort this Saturday. There were several boats all decorated and it was lots of fun watching them and hoping to catch some beads as they passed by!
Scott was the official "watcher" signalling to the rest of us when the boats were coming...it was windy and cool down on the docks.

A pelican was floating around and didn't realize that soon the decorated boats would come by disturbing his peace!

Richard was on the end of the dock looking down the river...ready with his boat hook to catch some treasures...others had placed their fish nets at the ready!

The picnic table was taken over by the group of Minnesotans who were visiting our neighbours at site 2 for the day!. The festivities started at about noon!

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