Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Sunset at the Marina Here at Playa Del Rio...

Last night we took an evening stroll down to the docks at the park just as the sun was setting. We chatted outside with some of the happy hour crowd. The views up the river into the sun were amazingly beautiful. Intense hues of purple and blues seemed to melt together as the sun let an eerie, quiet, coolness descend upon us. The river was calm as glass. I hoped to see some dolphins feeding as often happens here at high tide. Instead, our lone blue heron was relaxing in the water.

Across the river are the million dollar homes of Ono Island. Some ravaged by Hurricane Ivan with roof lines sagging and windows shattered. In stark contrast some have been restored to their glory but sit largely unoccupied this time of year. Things pick up in March as the spring breakers descend upon the beaches and the condos. Then the peaceful surroundings come alive with people, young people! We are told that summer here is beautiful as well but extremely busy with folks trying to escape the relentless heat and humidity of a southern summer by retreating to the shore. We miss all that when we make our way North...that time is now fast approaching. Hard to believe we have been here since November 4th!

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