Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Enough with the Cold Weather Already!

Shells from tonight's stroll!

Home, sweet rolling, home away from home...

The winter beach at Perdido Key...

Okay, I think I just heard 48 inches of snow in a week in the Washington DC area....what is going on with that? Here at the Beach we had cool weather today down to 27 F overnight and only up to about 50 F during the warmest hour of the day which is about 3 pm oddly enough. Never mind, we walked the dogs, we walked on the beach, we did not complain about it and I stayed in sandals today soooo! :-)

This was, as they say in the south, a Gumbo day, cloudy, cool, etc. So we had Gumbo for dinner and, guess what, our spoiled little dogs had T Bone steaks grilled to perfection by Richard.

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