Thursday, February 19, 2009

Playa Del Rio RV Park and Marina Evolves Again...

This morning Jane and Carl - the work campers who have been here at the park, longer than we have, have left for Memphis, TN and Little rock, Arkansas for some work to be done to their motor home and to help a relative prep a house for sale. They, and Charlie, their dog, set out early this morning. They expect to get to Jackson, Mississippi tonight and then on to Memphis.
Today is a really sunny day with a slight breeze. We had heavy rains overnight last night - it woke us up and we watched the weather for a while during the night from the safety of our Airstream...

This morning we met the Nielsens, a couple with Danish roots, in a motorhome with a nice dish (Richard's comment) on top! We shared the Frikadeller that I made for lunch with them!


  1. Christina, your blogs are really lovely! I don't have time right now to read a lot, but I will bookmark them and check back later. Your granddaughters are adorable! :)

    Thank you for visiting my little blog! Come back and visit anytime!


  2. Thanks Susan, Come back and visit my Blog too... I am thinking of adding some Danish recipes that my Mother used to make ... for fun!