Friday, February 27, 2009

February is Almost Over!!!

It is so hard to believe that February is almost over for another year...We cannot believe how fast the time is going here in the South! Wednesday afternoon we were enjoying the warmth and sunshine outside the Airstream when Connie came by on her walk with Cody, her big, old dog. We were chatting and then somehow got talking about playing Bridge and how we would like to learn how to play! Well before we knew it we were engaged in a game around our picnic table with she and Don, her husband, who is a great teacher of Bridge!!

Don taught us how to play, count points, and bid and it was great fun. I still do not know how to keep score but that is okay. The trouble is, now that we have "learned", Don and Connie have pulled out today, as they had planned, after being here two months. Hopefully we will meet on the road again and can see if we remember our lesson in Bridge. Here are some shots of Don and Connie around the Marina and heading out today.... Their home is in Oklahoma but I suspect they will take their time meandering home and seeing more sights along the way.

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