Sunday, February 15, 2009

Back from a Great Visit to Ottawa - Wonderful Time...

The neighbourhood MacDonald's Breakfast crowd and Pat and Ellen.

Payton's beautiful smiles and Brooklyn at mommy's aqua fit in new bathing suit...

Returning to Ottawa in the height of winter was a little scary but I was glad to do it to be able to visit with family and friends again. the trip started at 05 00 am in Pensacola with a young woman trying to claim my laptop as her own coming out of the security screening but I was not so sleepy that I caught it right away... I was met at the airport in Ottawa by Lisa and Brooklyn, daughter and newest granddaughter. Ottawa was cold at first with lots of snow on the ground. The house was great with the snow removal obviously working as expected since I was able to park the rental and Louise's car when she visited with no problems at all. The week flew by and I am not back at the Airstream enjoying sandals and t shirts again!

Rachel Tony and Cathy

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