Friday, March 18, 2011

Myrtle Beach, Ocean Lakes Campground, March 2011

Our campsite is just about 35 feet from the beach and we have no-one parked in front of us this year which is very nice indeed. The dogs are allowed on the beach and absolutely love it there. Listening to the waves crash against the shore is a favourite pastime for everyone and especially with the windows open at night!
Many friends returned from last year and we have been enjoying beautiful weather since I got back to the Airstream (Airebella) from Ottawa.
Next week Lisa and Derek have rented a condo on the beach in Myrtle Beach about 5 miles from here. It will be wonderful to see everyone here in the beach setting.

Today folks were not only sitting by the shore they were wading and is still a little too cold for me...


  1. There's probably 4 feet of snow in our backyard! I'm absolutely envious!!

  2. Oh no Fred and Wendy, that sounds very cold indeed...Richard and I love to escape the winter although this year I have spent about 8 weeks back in Ottawa's cold!