Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Ottawa for Five Weeks!!!

This was the longest visit home to Ottawa that I have taken, since we started travelling for the winter. It was wonderful to spend time with family and friends but at about the midpoint of the trip I realized that "home" is where Richard, Rudy and Reggie are and sometimes that is in Airebella...

Payton, Brooklyn and Madison spent some time with me painting, playing and baking and it was sure fun for me and I hope for them too!
The back yard at Fernwood was filled with snow and looked quite bleak.

Louise and Brooklyn enjoying a cuddle in Nana's kitchen. Lots of changes in the kitchen while was home. I ordered and received all new Stainless steel appliances, replaced the hardware on the cupboards, ordered a new countertop in granite with new sink and faucet. There was lots of planning and now are lots of jobs for Richard to do when he gets back to Ottawa! :-)

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