Monday, November 8, 2010

We Have Arrived in Perdido Key ...

We left snow one week ago....
And found sun and clear skys yesterday!

Ahhh the joy of unhooking Airebella, cranking down her stabilizer pods and unlatching the awnings for another long rest in Perdido Key. We arrived yesterday afternoon to the smiling faces of old friends welcoming our caravan of one into it's place - site number 3! This park is tiny, with under 30 sites and it is flanked on one side by the Ole River and a cute little marina and on the other (across a small road) by the majestic, though wounded, Gulf of Mexico.

The Gulf coast is showing signs of the Oil spill. The fact that people descend on the beach to pick up any oil when they see it does not detract from the amazing vistas and the fresh and soothing aroma of the salt air. Richard and Rudy saw some folks picking up bits this morning on the walk in the gully across from Playa Del Rio. BP provided visitors with an incentive to travel here in the form of three hundred dollars in American Express gift cards. Richard picked ours up this am at the Chamber of Commerce. This was a nice gesture and the $300 covers our fuel cost to get here. :-)

Since we arrived we have celebrated our friend Suzy's birthday with a trip to Vallarta's restaurant; we have done three small loads of laundry; we have vacuumed the trailer and shaken the rugs outside! The weather is warm(ish) (18degrees C) and sunny and glorious. Rudy and Reggie are so excited to be here. They recognize the surroundings, the sand and some of the folks here...


  1. Hi glad to see you are south and settled in. Just got back fro a 5 week travel, Barcellona, 3 days on a cruise that got cancelled the 8 nights in Barcelona then a 14 night transatlantic then a five night caribean. Getting ready fro a 10 night in WaltDisney with the family.
    Take care

  2. Rejean, that all sounds absolutely wonderful! I know how the two of you love cruises! You have safe travels...