Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Turkey Day Tomorrow - Thanksgiving USA!

Today is absolutely gorgeous with not a cloud in the sky and we are giving thanks American style here at the beach! It is a lazy fall day and the little salamanders are running around the rocks and back fence behind the Airstream. The breeze is moving the greenery around just enough to give the illusion of crisp coolness outside. But it is HOT. I am not complaining , the alternative is the Canadian winter and snow!
Tomorrow I am cooking one of the turkeys for the Thanksgiving feast here at the park. It will be in addition to the smoked one Larry is doing right now, and the two deep fried ones that Steve and Ann are doing....seems like a lot of turkey, but the park is expected to be full tomorrow with about 26 sites occupied.
Rudy and Reggie love the smell of turkey cooking and I will have to cook one for them too! Today is a good day to do that ... Rich and I are headed for the beach in a while for a little sunshine. We miss everyone at home, but I will be home to Ottawa a couple of times this year to see everyone; the first trip back is in two weeks! Cannot wait to hug everyone! :-)
Bob and Debbie, Torrey and Pebbles, I do hope you are on the road to Arizona and have "fair winds and following seas" for the maiden voyage of the new Class A...

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