Monday, April 5, 2010

Chattanooga to Bowling Green, KY; Bowling Green to Jackson Centre OH

We took I 24 through the "mountains" of Tennessee West of Chattanooga and on to Nashville and then on to Bowling Green,KY for the third day of our travels. It was a relatively short day for us and we were grateful for that. I 24 was a really wonderful highway, very well maintained, no construction and the one climb we had went from 1000 to 2000 feet but without being too steep in either the up or down portion so we were glad of that. The key is being able to slow the Airstream on the down grade and Richard had no problems at all.
We always enjoy our site at Bowling Green KY, the KOA park there is quiet and restful, the sites are long and level and many have a concrete patio. Sunday morning the park ladies were laying out an Easter Egg hunt for the small campers.
We had thought that we might stay a couple of nights there because we were getting a little tired of the daily routine of getting up, having quick showers and breakfast, stowing anything that could shift position and then hurrying on along the highway for the next stop, whatever it would be... But when we got up Richard thought that with good weather ahead and the Airstream factory as the next stop perhaps we should take advantage of the fact that it was Sunday to get safely through Cincinnati,
and Dayton today, Day 4. We opted to take the beltway around Cincinnati and we were really glad we did. It adds ten minutes to the trip but no big deal...Happy Easter everyone.
Being Easter we were remembering that there was a huge statue of Jesus (at least I think it is meant to be Jesus) at the roadside near Dayton and I got a picture of it.

I thought it was a little ironic that the statue of Jesus was right next to a huge flea market and you can see I caught the sign in this shot.

This is Dayton OH skyline.

We made it to Airstream Factory in Jackson Centre, OH at 5 pm EST and after setting up I made dinner of Joe Patti's Clam Chowder, and we reminisced about the beach a little and about the winter behind us. How quickly the time passes these days. We enjoyed the winter even though it was the coldest Florida has had in recent history.

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